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Our beginnings were with rigid handles for welding plastic bag, as well as different types of comb to make curtains, all these products are manufactured with injection molding machines.
We also started with two extruders with which manufacture all kinds of extruded tape for making curtains.
We have been expanding the number of our machines, for directing almost entirely to the injection, without abandoning extrusion, for which we have been buying new injectors, and likewise we have diversified our articles.
So today we work in different articles

  • Handles rigid: for plastic bags boutique, for frozen bags, suit bag, etc.
  • Curtains: the manufacture of different types of comb and tape.
  • Handles Packing: Boxes for bottles and gift boxes.
  • Household: in this section we have several types of vessels, Palestinian coffee, cutlery, cutting board, etc.
  • Hangers: We have a variety of different types of hangers in different colors and different packs. 

our objectives

  • 1- To serve our customers, our products with best quality, speed and price.
  • 2- Keep growing with more items, in all our ranges manufactured.
  • 3- Go renewing our machine to give the best service to our customers.
  • 4- Making items for every customer, how to make items with their molds, or reach an agreement on the mold and to make new pieces.